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Planet Pawsitive Benefit Album - MP3 DOWNLOAD

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Planet Pawsitive Benefit Album

In hopes of helping PlanetPawsitive.com raise charitable funds, an expanding co-op of musicians, songwriters, and artists in the San Diego County region of California have offered their works for sale on this 'Planet Pawsitive Benefit Album'. Proceeds will be donated to the San Diego Humane society, Animal Rescue services, Feeding Homeless Women and Children, and Environment Rehabilitation. 
Along with recorded musical performances, PlanetPawsitive.com will be introducing and offering original paintings and official copies by member artists in which all proceeds will be donated to our local San Diego charities.

Live album recorded September 1, 2012 @ Jimmy's House on Vista Way in Oceanside, California. The bands "The Stoned Stripes" and the "Ten Ton Trees" joined forces this one special evening to celebrate the beach and the end of summer. Due to overcrowding on the streets around Jimmy's House, local officials were called to shut down the performance just after 9pm! Humble and easygoing, each band member donated 100% of their earnings to the various charities in which PlanetPawsitive.com currently supports. These two bands offer this recording to the betterment of their communities. The "Ten Ton Trees" is comprised of Dave, Tim and James of TWSmedia, and Wallace. The "Stoned Stripes" include Dave P., Josh, Bort, and Richie. Thank you for your donation. Enjoy the music.